Dessert and Recipe



  • Take a family in need, knowing you’ll help someone who wants to succeed.
  • Mix that up with volunteers young and old, a pinch that adds all kinds of soul.
  • Make sure you have people of all races, for without that this recipe would be tasteless.
  • Then you add donations, tears of joy, togetherness, property, tools, faith and pride.
  • Make sure you have all these ingredients right by your side.
  • Add pounds and pounds of love, patience and a big smile.
  • Then you stir it up and let is sit for awhile.
  • The most important ingredient, which is really first as well as last.
  • Is Thanks to the Lord for the future as well as the past.
  • Stir slowly to make sure it’s all blended.
  • Don’t give up until the project is ended.


Crystal Shepherd, Central HFH Partner Family, Cleveland Ohio

[Habitat for Humanity Cookbook: Partners in the Kitchen from Our House to Yours]delicious


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