getting it done

Thought for the day:

“ . . .collaboration is difficult.

“When working with others, most people get discouraged with how much effort is wasted. A level of cooperation is the product of a jumble of different approaches and ideas. Each one relies on experience, intuition, and habit. But all have different experiences, different intuitions, and different habits. The fact that individuals think differently can be a great resource. They can generate more ideas and approaches to choose from. Differences are also a burden. They make it hard for us to work together efficiently.

“People waste time, misallocate their abilities, and come into conflict over and over again Everyone has attended unproductive meetings that consume hours We have found ourselves spending more time attempting to get organized than doing productive work. Trying to get things done with others has become so frustrating that most people have been tempted to undertake some burdensome task alone rather than put up with the hassle of organizing and implementing a joint effort.”

Getting It Done by Roger Fisher and Alan Sharp


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