toblogornotIn many ways, the Internet is a godsend for introverts. What scientists call computer-mediated communication (CMC)—texting, blogging, Facebook—gives us control of our airspace and time to think before we respond, making it an ideal medium for letting us get our thoughts out. We don’t have to try to wedge ourselves into conversations, we can just chime in anytime and take as long as it takes to say what we have to say.

“[W]ritten communications allows me to take the time to gather my thoughts and write something  meaningful, rather than the idle chatter that seems to come out in most spoken conversations,” one introvert commented.

. . . The doomsday scenario about computer-mediated communication is that people will use it to replace face-to-face interaction. Nah. We’ll always need face-to-face interaction. If anything, CMC will replace the telephone. – The Introvert’s Way Living A Quiet Life in A Noisy World by Sophia Dembling



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